Be Bold

Bold Entity empowers companies to reach their marketing goals by providing exceptional creative services that deliver positive experiences.

Who We Are

By using our knowledge, creativity, and experience- we empower our clients’ vision for their brands. And it is through that empowerment that ideas transform into profitable and thriving businesses.

Our driving principles

We start from the inside: because without purpose, we cannot make a difference.

We Breathe Passion into Our Work

Love what you do and let it show

Trust and Integrity are Foundational to Greater Outcomes

Pioneering Propels Prosperity

Be the first one and take action!

Courage Empowers Boldness

Be courageous and take risk

We Welcome Change

It Often Leads to Innovation

We Embrace the Eccentric

Different is the only way to stand out


CEO & Founder

 Valerie Jimenez

Over the past ten years, Valerie has held many marketing titles including Creative Director. In these roles, she has been responsible for the marketing efforts across 8 countries and more than 18 locations worldwide. Through her experience, she has also led several internal marketing campaigns for the biggest Fortune 500 companies.

Today, Valerie Jimenez oversees the development of each client’s strategy and she is responsible for leading her team in creating branding campaigns for clients that want to incorporate new media. To date, her company has successfully launched more than 400 websites.

She has been recognized as a leader in the marketing industry, earning several marketing awards, including Best Website at the GDHCC Technology Conference. The success of this company is a clear demonstration of her drive, dedication, and talent.

Our Culture

We live by a seemingly simple but powerful concept of empowering vision, for our clients, our team, our community and ourselves.

  • Our Clients
    Provide our clients with the highest value, outstanding creative ideas, and timely service performed by experts with a passion for quality.
  • Our Work
    Innovative thinking that is inspired from all facets of life. From diversity, culture, technology, architecture, culinary, to fashion, we gather our ideas and breathe life into your brand.
  • Our Team
    We encourage a fun, energetic, and collaborative workplace that produces the very best work for our clients.
  • Our Community
    Empower, educate, and support dreamers to become achievers.

Let’s talk about your marketing challenges and how we can work together towards success.