Being very specific about the results and the ROI that you expect from your website is key to a successful website redesign. What does success look like? 

Here are some examples of website goals to consider: 

Enhance credibility 

Enhancing credibility is especially helpful for grassroots marketing. If you are that business owner going around networking, shaking hands, passing out business cards, then keep reading. It doesn’t matter how good you are with relationships… if someone is slightly interested, they will look you up on the web before making any further commitments. Which direction will they “swipe” on your website?

Be prepared to impress and to showcase your past projects, your team’s expertise and your track record on your company’s website. Also, don’t forget about your website’s design and user experience. First impressions are everything, which means both content AND design matter in gaining credibility.

Lead generation 

Generating leads from your website is what every small business owner wants. It’s the ultimate dream. But the reality of it is that lead generation from your website is not something that happens easily. While it takes a lot of thought, planning and technical expertise, the results are absolutely worth it in the end.


There are some instances where educating current and potential clients is key to building valuable relationships. Your website could become a useful HUB of information, which will help build your authority as a brand and increase the trust needed to acquire more worthwhile customers.

Build a brand 

A great brand is about understanding what makes your company unique and playing to those strengths. If your business is established and you are growing, then most likely you’ll want to work on building your brand for the future. 

Becoming well-known in your industry, energizing your current employees, and getting potential employees excited about working for you are all things that will help build your brand. And it’s no surprise in 2019 that a well-built website can do all of that for you. So take advantage of it!