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AIM insurance

Grow brand awareness and establish industry dominance through strategic content marketing and organic SEO, while educating relevant audiences.

project overview

Bold Entity has been a long-term strategic partner with AIM Insurance. We’ve offered valuable support in navigating the complexities of liability insurance, specifically tailored for volunteer PTA groups, PTOs, and booster clubs. Through meticulously crafted content marketing, we helped educate parents and volunteers about potential liability concerns, fostering trust and generating a substantial stream of qualified leads for AIM. Our approach underscores the importance of understanding target audiences and adapting strategies that ensure long-term success and a competitive edge in the insurance marketplace.

The Challenge

AIM Insurance faced a significant challenge within the school volunteer insurance sector: widespread parental unawareness of potential liability while volunteering. This knowledge gap hampered their ability to meet the insurance needs of various volunteer groups, which hindered client acquisition. To bridge this gap and drive effective engagement, AIM recognized the need for a more strategic communication approach that clearly articulates the value proposition of their range of liability insurance solutions.

The strategy

To tackle this challenge, Bold Entity crafted a comprehensive content marketing strategy to provide valuable insights related to volunteer roles, fundraisers, and PTA meetings. By seamlessly integrating relevant insurance information into relatable content, we helped educate the target audience about liability concerns while guiding them toward AIM Insurance’s solutions. This multifaceted approach facilitated a seamless educational journey across social media, email, and blogs, increasing engagement and solidifying AIM’s position as a trusted resource in the volunteer insurance space.

The Solution

Bold Entity’s carefully designed organic SEO strategy produced exceptional results. We generated a significant influx of qualified leads using content marketing and on-site SEO tactics. Additionally, we firmly positioned AIM as a trusted authority for volunteer liability coverage. Moreover, we achieved page-one rankings for primary and secondary search queries. These outcomes reflect our adaptability, industry leadership, and superior performance against competitors across diverse metrics and age groups. AIM Insurance’s journey further exemplifies our scalable, data-driven marketing approach. This practice helps propel clients to industry prominence through consistent excellence, strategic evolution, and a profound understanding of target audiences. 

Bold Results


growth of 
organic traffic 
over 4 years

(From 16,500 annual website visitors to over 100k)


larger online presence than their biggest direct competitor

At the beginning of our engagement, the size of Aim's presence was only 15% larger

How we achieved it

The marketing work performed by Bold Entity has directly resulted in increases in web traffic and business engagements since the beginning of the project. Their team is incredibly supportive and big-picture oriented, focusing on their client’s end goals and establishing objectives to best pursue it.
jamie fagan, president, aim companies



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