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Champion Services

Attract purpose-driven employees through an authentic website that showcases a company's compelling story and mission.

project overview

Champion Services is a home and community-based services (HCS) provider supporting adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They provide day programs, group homes and other health services to help individuals thrive and contribute to their communities. 

The Challenge

Champion Services has faced significant difficulties recruiting and retaining qualified direct care staff since the COVID-19 pandemic. As a Texas Medicaid program, Champion Services must comply with strict staff pay guidelines. However, the salaries mandated by the State are not competitive with those of other healthcare jobs and have not been adjusted for inflation. Recruiting has been a significant challenge for the organization’s operations. To address this issue, Champion Services needed a website that effectively communicated its story and values to potential candidates who shared their sense of purpose. They brought in Bold Entity to help.

The strategy

Bold Entity held one-on-one interviews with Champion Services existing staff to determine the most satisfying aspects of their jobs. Based on those conversations, our team created a profile of the ideal candidate for Champion Services. Using this profile, Bold Entity developed a new messaging strategy that put the organization’s mission and the people it serves at the forefront of its brand and online presence.

The Solution

The updated brand and online presence effectively communicated the organization’s values and story to the families of those they serve and potential employees. The website features authentic photography and video content that visually shows the organization’s impact. The brand messaging and design choices emphasize compassion and love. As a result, the company is better positioned to attract potential employees who are passionate about their mission.

Bold Results

healthcare marketing - website development for healthcare companies
The project generated excitement and made our employees feel proud about working for our company. The site helped us with recruiting, and Bold Entity's work quality was excellent. Our design was one of the nicest websites I had seen in our industry; it is very professional, clean, and upbeat.



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