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Construction Cost Management

Grow brand awareness, establish a strong online presence for credibility, and attract top-tier engineers.

project overview

Construction Cost Management (CCM) is a second-generation business established as a leading cost-estimating firm in the US. The company specializes in cost estimation services for complex government contracts. Their expertise extends to intricate projects like military bases and national parks, demanding deep industry knowledge and unwavering precision. The leadership transition from the founder to his daughter adds a remarkable dimension to their narrative. It underscores the enduring values of family, workplace culture, and expertise at the heart of CCM’s success.

The Challenge

CCM recognized the need to differentiate themselves from competitors to attract top-tier engineering talent. They sought Bold Entity’s expertise to help craft a unique brand identity that would resonate with their target audience and communicate their company culture to the best effect. Our digital marketing expertise played a pivotal role in achieving this objective.

The strategy

Bold Entity’s holistic strategy for CCM encompassed a comprehensive scope of services. These included brand positioning, strategy and identity, social media marketing, website design, video marketing, and strategic PR initiatives. To achieve this, we emphasized the distinctive culture in which they live and work. This approach effectively communicated CCM’s friendly and approachable image within the typically formal engineering industry. By balancing fun and professionalism, CCM differentiates itself from other firms and presents itself as a desirable option for engineers seeking an engaging workplace with a unique personality.

The Solution

The brand positioning developed by Bold Entity for CCM has yielded impressive results. This approach has helped to enhance the company’s credibility, increase brand awareness within their industry, and attract skilled engineers. Consequently, the company has been able to sustain its growth and success. The strategic approach has also enabled CCM to position itself as a reliable partner in complex government projects. Incorporating authentic and personal narratives is vital to differentiate traditional industries, as seen in the success of CCM.

Bold Results

The results delivered so far have completely exceeded our expectations, quickly raising us to the number one result on many of our targeted Search engine results pages (SERPs) . Their team is organized and understanding, working hard to ensure each step aligned with our goals.
Katy Abraham, CEO, Construction Cost Management



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