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NTD Mechanical

Attract the right employees and propel growth by building brand awareness within a niche industry.

project overview

NTD Mechanical is a rapidly expanding mechanical contractor based in North Texas. The company has been working in close partnership with Bold Entity for almost a decade. The collaboration between the two companies first began when NTD was experiencing substantial growth. Despite the founder’s reputation in the construction industry, the company “North Texas Ductworks” was relatively unknown. NTD needed to establish brand recognition and trust with general contractors, other contractors, and potential employees to continue its expansion. Since the partnership began, Bold Entity has helped NTD with a complete rebranding and various website launches. Additionally, Bold Entity manages NTD’s online presence through video marketing and social media strategy and management.

The Challenge

NTD provides highly specialized services, which required the Bold Entity team to build a deep understanding of the industry, technical equipment installations, and its complex services. A decade ago, not many construction companies had an online presence, and branding strategies in this industry were untested.

The strategy

The initial step was to rebrand NTD Mechanical to identify and clearly communicate its brand positioning as a company and an employer. Bold Entity proposed changing the name from North Texas Ductworks to NTD Mechanical to make the brand more memorable. Afterward, a new brand identity was created, including the design of their fleet.

NTD’s brand was extended online, starting with their website. Bold Entity followed their crews to job sites to get a feel for their culture and capture genuine photography and video footage, which was later used to create social media content. The aim was to reach decision-makers and effectively communicate their ability to handle complex projects. SEO best practices were used to improve online visibility and capture the attention of project managers and executives at national construction firms. The same approach was used for potential employers. NTD engaged with construction workers and professionals online before the industry started doing so.

The Solution

NTD’s commitment to evolving with expansion has resulted in significant positive outcomes. Their redesigned website effectively showcases the company’s growth capabilities, attracting larger-scale projects. By embracing social platforms, NTD successfully engaged with a new audience while maintaining its brand professionalism. Consistent brand messaging across all platforms strengthened brand recognition and reinforced company values, both internally and externally. These strategic efforts have contributed significantly to NTD’s success and helped solidify its reputation as a trusted industry leader. NTD is estimated to save up to 59% in marketing costs annually by outsourcing marketing instead of having an internal team. The CEO has quantified that a robust digital presence has enabled them to recruit about 30% faster. 

Bold Results


recruitment, with better-qualified applicants in their pipeline


cost savings by outsourcing their marketing vs. having an internal team

We hired Bold Entity to become our marketing and branding company and they have made a significant impact on our culture and bottom line. NTD Mechanical’s relationship with Bold Entity has Helped to bridge the employee recruitment deficit that we face as our biggest challenge. Bold Entity has helped us become, in the eyes of social media, the company that we were born to be!
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