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Onstage Systems

Develop a comprehensive inbound lead generation strategy by integrating digital marketing tactics, crafting clear messages, and gaining a deep understanding of your ideal customers.

project overview

Onstage Systems is a renowned audiovisual company based in Dallas, Texas. With a successful history of over 40 years, the company has consistently achieved significant growth due to its excellent reputation. Onstage is well-known among music and concert producers nationwide, who seek its reliable assistance in producing their most important live events. Onstage recognized the need to adopt inbound lead strategies and incorporate digital marketing tactics to build sales consistency and achieve the next stage of business growth.

The Challenge

Onstage had previously hired an SEO-focused agency to develop their website. Still, they noticed that although the website attracted many visitors, most incoming leads were interested in renting small event gear like DJ consoles and speakers for small events. Their marketing needed to provide an adequate return on investment. To address this issue, Bold Entity focused on attracting event planners and producers looking for an AV partner with event production capabilities. This new audience typically had large event budgets ranging from $10k to $100k+.

However, another issue still needed to be addressed: building trust with the new target audience. This audience was discerning and would only consider highly trustworthy companies to do business with. As a result, Onstage had to set itself apart from its competitors and make a great first impression to gain traction.

The strategy

Bold Entity conducted one-on-one interviews with Onstage’s employees and clients to understand the current perceptions of the company. After a thorough market analysis, our team concluded that Onstage’s value proposition needed clarification. In addition, Bold Entity developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to address Onstage Systems’ multifaceted needs. This unified approach encompassed brand strategy, website redesign, search engine marketing, social media management (SMM), compelling content marketing, and high-quality visual storytelling. 

The Solution

The redesigned website launched a few months after the start of our engagement. It now focuses on impactful visuals highlighting the company’s credibility, experience, and people contributing to its success. The new digital strategy helped the website achieve first-page rankings, attract the right buying audience, and become a reliable and consistent source of qualified leads.

The lead generation strategy was restructured when COVID-19 disrupted Onstage’s business. Onstage Systems successfully navigated the pandemic disruption, which stands as a testament to the effectiveness of Bold Entity’s holistic approach. The company’s strategic shift to online lead generation years prior and consistent inbound marketing proved instrumental in regaining its lost ground. This bold approach to fostering strong customer relationships while adapting services to meet evolving demands and changing needs proved a game changer. Hence, Onstage Systems’ dedication to customer-centricity helped it maintain a loyal customer base during COVID-19’s most challenging period. Consequently, the company has evolved and is well-positioned for continued growth and success in the post-pandemic world.

Bold Results


average website traffic growth year over year for the past 5 years


of website traffic comes from google searches


of website traffic comes from paid search and social media

the project has been a success so far. Bold Entity distinguishes themselves from other providers by catering to their client’s needs and providing a personal touch to their service. Most importantly, their proactivity has improved engagement with new customers.
scott carter, business development manager, onstage systems



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