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leveling the playing field for b2b businesses, regardless of THEIR sizE

Any business can achieve success with the right marketing strategy. To develop the right plan, it’s essential to have a comprehensive understanding of a company, industry, growth prospects, and its challenges.

Over the past 13 years, Bold Entity has perfected its discovery process, a crucial first step in laying the groundwork for customized solutions that resonate with your target market. We work as a trusted partner to help you achieve your goals, and our success is intertwined with your industry dominance.

About Bold Entity

Bold Entity is a B2B marketing agency specializing in branding, digital marketing, and public relations for technically complex services and products. The agency was founded in 2010, is based in Dallas, TX, and is certified as a WBE and MBE company. Our clients share a mindset of striving for operational excellence, growth, and innovation. They value people and relationships, recognizing that culture is the only permanent competitive advantage.

Why choose Bold Entity as your B2B marketing partner?

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WE build lasting relationships

commitment to good stewardship of your marketing resources

our values

A business and its marketing agency ideally share core values and principles. It’s a close relationship that must be built on trust and understanding.

We are Marketing Mavens

Our high technical expertise gives us the agility needed to pivot and guide clients through a rapidly changing industry with consistent excellence. 

We are advocates

We are relentless in our drive to pursue growth and success for our clients.

We are accountable

By taking ownership of projects and mistakes, we seek positive momentum while acting honorably in the best interest of others.

We are bold

We refuse to play it safe or be forgotten.

Our Team

Valerie Jimenez

CEO & Founder

Valerie Jimenez founded Bold Entity in 2010. Over the last decade, Valerie has dedicated her career to advocating for the growth and expansion of privately owned businesses through efficient marketing. Her approach focuses on creating authentic narratives and making striking first impressions for B2B businesses. She derives inspiration from a company’s people, history, and customer value to achieve bold competitive differentiation and market dominance. Bold Entity has developed a process from Valerie’s work with hundreds of CEOs, founders, multi-generation family businesses, and marketing teams. This process allows for strategic focus, insights-driven decision-making, and measurable results to help companies implement successful marketing practices. Valerie’s upbringing in the industrial manufacturing world and her previous role as a creative director in a global manufacturing company inspired her firm to work with highly complex and niche industries, allowing them to distill complex processes into impactful storytelling.

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