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Cinco de Mayo in Dallas

Cinco de Mayo was a symbolic turning point for Mexico in their long fight against the French – at the Battle of Puebla they came together and stopped the French from invading in 1862. While their battle with the French did not end until years later, this victory at Puebla de Los Angeles was something to celebrate.

In the United States, Cinco de Mayo is now an annual celebration of Mexican culture, usually consisting of yummy Mexican food and a margarita (or two) in hand. If you are new to the Dallas area, you may be wondering how you should be celebrating next weekend. Well, here is a list of the top three things to do in Dallas for this year’s Cinco de Mayo:

  1. Eat at Tipico’s Mexican Restaurant
    If you want to get away from chains and experience authentic Mexican food, this is the place to be. Carne guisada, tripe, fajitas and enchiladas are just a few of their signature dishes. Order one of those with a side and a good drink – your taste buds will thank you for it and so will your wallet (you will be spending less than $12). Not bad at all!
  2. Learn to Cook a Mexican Dish
    Sur La Table is teaching a cooking class on how to make a Mexican dish Saturday, May 5. You will learn how to make fresh sweet corn tamales; pork, hominy and tomato stew; and Mexican shortbread cookies. Yes, please! And for those of you hoping to plan a date with someone, this is the place to go. It will be well worth your time! Register today to get a seat in class for Cinco de Mayo: https://www.surlatable.com/sku/4249926/Cinco+de+Mayo
  3. Attend a Big Parade and Fiesta
    Located on historic Jefferson Blvd, Oak Cliff Coalition for the Arts will be hosting the Dallas Cinco de Mayo parade and Fiesta. There will be creative floats, live music, dancing and good food. This is a great opportunity to experience even more of the beautiful Mexican culture. http://www.oakcliffart.org/dallas-cinco-de-mayo-.html
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