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Everyone works differently and the path to professional enrichment and success is rarely a straight line. School does a poor job of teaching graduates the skills that will make them successful in the real world. So then, what are the critical skills for success? We put the question to the Bold Entity team. Here are their responses.

Randy – Time Scheduling

Learning my optimal brain time is one of my critical skills for success. It helps me organize my day around that time period for quality and efficiency. I schedule my most analytical, mentally demanding tasks during that time. 

And also, learning when my analytical ability is at its weakest. For me, taking on creative tasks during that time can be a great productivity boost.

I pepper administrative tasks between larger projects. I find it to be a good way to transition from one heavy task to another. The admin work becomes a sort of palate cleanser. Another benefit of this work segmentation is it forces me to be diligent in planning my days and staying on top of tasks. 

Valerie – Relationships Are Everything

My critical skill for success is developing relationships. I have learned relationships are everything, and perhaps even more important than building hard skills. In fact, I attribute my success to my network, my colleagues, my mentors, and my friends. I have spent the past 10 years of my life trying to see how I can help others succeed. Often times, they don’t ask me to help, I just do it because others have done the same for me. This help could come as an introduction to someone else, by providing professional advice, edifying people that I know when they are not around, or simply just giving a sincere compliment.

Although, one shouldn’t forget about the hard skills. In the field of marketing, it is CRUCIAL to refresh your skills at least every year and always keep up with the trends. Even the trends that don’t apply to the type of business you are in. There is a lot that can be repurposed and used as inspiration from other industries, you just have to be looking out for those nuggets and stay curious.

Andrea – Willingness to Learn

I’ve learned that the key, critical skill for success is to collect as many “keys” as possible. Being open to learning everything you can is always in your best interest. Industries are rarely silos and your knowledge no matter how seemingly insignificant you may think it is, could come in handy later on. From helping in projects to making connections with other people. The simple skill of being open to learning something new will get you further than you could ever imagine.

Ana – Adaptability

The critical skill for success that has helped me grow the most professionally is adaptability. Change is not only inevitable but necessary in any industry. As a marketer, it is important to continue to adapt to better explore new opportunities, new technologies, new regulations, etc. This skill has benefited me both in a micro and macro scale. From new online platforms to a new approach on a marketing campaign, being able to adapt to an ever changing environment has helped me not only accept change but welcome it.

It’s no surprise none of the answers are subjects covered in school. Professional development and success is more about how you use the information you’ve learned. To learn how the Bold Entity team can help with your marketing goals contact us.

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