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Provista Healthcare

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project overview

Provista Healthcare is a healthcare agency that provides home health and hospice care services. The agency has served patients in Texas for almost two decades and mainly relied on patient referrals to grow its business. Recently, Provista’s team considered expanding their sales opportunities through online lead generation to attract more patients who require in-home health services due to recent surgery or hospitalization.

The Challenge

The home health and hospice industry is fiercely competitive in digital marketing. Our research has shown that thousands of people search online for local in-home healthcare and hospice services every month in the areas that Provista serves. This proves that patients, in addition to referrals from their doctors, rely on online research to find the care they need.

The strategy

The main focus of the Bold Entity team was to understand the keywords people search for when looking for the services Provista offers. The website was structured accordingly to match those trends. For the services with more online competition, long-form content tactics were prioritized. We used the help of the staff at Provista to identify the most commonly asked questions from potential patients. Bold Entity then created content around those questions to help educate potential clients. Additionally, we aimed to establish a consistent online presence. This was achieved by updating their website, social media channels, and Google business profile to have a cohesive and professional look throughout.

The Solution

Provista’s website is warm, inviting, and professional. Moreover, it efficiently achieves high rankings for industry keywords, leading to consistent organic traffic growth. Bold Entity prioritized the website’s mobile search and mobile-friendly design, considering the buying and research patterns of the ideal audience. Additionally, the organic traffic has shown a year-over-year increase, proving the effectiveness of our SEO work.

Bold Results


growth of organic traffic after website redesign


overall website traffic growth

Bold Entity’s plans and counsel are clear and easy to follow, so it’s easy to leave our marketing to them because we know they will follow through and produce results.
Melissa Rodriguez, Marketing Director, Provista Healthcare



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