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Volo Mission

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project overview

Volo Mission is a renowned organization specializing in vertical reference training for helicopter pilots globally. Its founders are internationally recognized as some of the best long-line pilots in the industry. Bold Entity was approached to develop a brand positioning and website that effectively communicates the organization’s value proposition and passion for aviation training while transferring personal credibility to the brand.

The Challenge

Although the names of its founders were widely recognized, they wanted to keep their personal names separate from the business they created. The second challenge was positioning their offerings as a complete suite of services. Such services include training, consulting, and professional development, all of which help helicopter pilots, external load operations, and utility companies solve their day-to-day challenges. To effectively communicate the value of Volo Mission’s services, Bold Entity needed to build a thorough understanding of the audience and technical proficiency.

The strategy

Bold Entity paid a visit to Volo Mission’s training facility. Our team observed the training process during their visit and interviewed the instructors, founders, and pilots enrolled in the long-line course. This was done to gain a better understanding of their respective roles. Additionally, Bold Entity reviewed the technical documents and training videos created by the trainers to extract valuable messaging. Our observations concluded that helicopter pilots involved in external load operations were deeply passionate about their industry, considering it more than just a job or an industry but a way of life. As a result, Volo Mission needed to be positioned as a lifestyle brand, bringing together its audience in their shared love for flying.

The Solution

The Volo Mission brand drew inspiration from adventure-driven consumer brands. Its website showcases videos and photographs from courses and training sessions, capturing the movement and excitement typical of successful lifestyle brands. Technical training documents created by Volo Mission’s pilots have also been incorporated. These documents offer a comprehensive overview of Volo Mission’s long-line and aerial firefighting training programs, highlighting the deep expertise that only industry experts with decades of flying experience can provide. The website achieves first-page rankings for all industry keywords used to search for Volo Mission’s services. As a result, their website, along with their speaking engagements, is the company’s top lead generation method. 

Bold Results

organic search is Volo Mission's most effective approach for generating leads and increasing brand awareness


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