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We are most experienced and effective with highly complex B2B industries. We have a depth of knowledge and understanding with technical and industrial businesses and are skilled at distilling the information into clear and actionable marketing messages.


A business and its marketing agency ideally share core values and principles. It’s a close relationship that must be built on trust and understanding. We’re careful to only partner with businesses that can and will benefit from our bold approach and path to growth. We’re here to build brands, generate leads, elevate customer awareness, and increase sales. Every plan is unique to every client.

our ideal client

Mid-market, Privately-held b2b companies

Even though we have worked with businesses of all sizes, we work best with B2B companies that have an annual revenue of $5M or more.

Founder-led, Multi-generation, and Family Businesses

Businesses built up from nothing, fueled by great passion and purpose. We help maintain their roots while adapting to changing times for continuous growth.

Established Businesses Built on Relationships

Businesses that prioritize people and relationships - We help scale their existing success to achieve the next level of growth.

Businesses Built for Longevity

Successful businesses know that taking shortcuts or hopping on fads rarely leads to greatness. Their leaders have prioritized building solid operations and structures. Now, it's time to expand the company’s brand awareness beyond its existing network.

Businesses that Operate with an Excellence Mindset

Businesses that constantly challenge the status quo and welcome new ideas and opportunities.

B2B Marketing

Bold Entity is a full service B2B agency that offers services tailored to meet the specific needs of privately held businesses on a growth trajectory. Our flexible services adapt to the evolving needs of our clients. We work as fractional CMOs to lead the strategy and execution of marketing initiatives for some clients. In contrast, for others, we provide outsourced marketing services to complement and enhance the capabilities of their internal marketing team.

Our refined process reflects our commitment to understanding your company and its needs, setting us apart from competitors.



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