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Outsourced CMO Services: The Marketing Solution for B2B Companies

Your B2B is in high gear. You’re aggressively expanding. You’ve got growth goals for the next 5 years, and therefore are ready to take on an approach to marketing that is much more strategic, and less tactical. 

You’re an expert in so many things, but marketing may not be one of them. This makes this major decision especially challenging. Plus, making the wrong decision could cost you tens of thousands of dollars — if not hundreds. 

Hiring someone to create your comprehensive marketing plan is just the first part. You also need to hire an agency or an internal team to execute the actual marketing work. So should you hire an internal marketing team, an agency, or a blended model of the two? This is when most companies your size start looking for a CMO (chief marketing officer).

You know that hiring a CMO is a major expense in money, time and energy, so…

Could an Outsourced CMO Be the Solution?

CMO’s plan, develop, implement and track the business marketing strategy for organizations like yours. This could include research, marketing, media buying, advertising, public relations, and social media. 

An outsourced CMO functions very much like a physical one. They will be an extension of your internal marketing team or a functional replacement. Often, an outsourced CMO can bypass the marketing director role without any impact on the overall strategy execution or sales goals. 

Here are just a few of the tasks that you could expect a CMO — or an outsourced CMO — to accomplish successfully.

Why Is an Outsourced CMO so Needed in the Small to Mid-Size B2B Market?

Many companies in the B2B space today are turning to a new solution: an outsourced CMO. Instead of spending valuable time, money and energy recruiting and optimizing the efforts of a traditional CMO, an outsourced CMO handles all of their duties with a much smaller price tag. In essence, they function as a consultant for your brand.

While the outsourced CMO model may sound appealing, there are a few things to look out for.

A Better Marketing Model for B2B: The Outsourced CMO Agency Solution

While the leadership and big-picture mentality of an outsourced CMO are both vital for B2B companies in the mid-market space, they can often create one huge problem: the lack of execution. The outsourced CMO will bring the marketing strategy but often outsourced CMOs lack a hands-on approach. Therefore, you will still depend on a marketing team to actually execute the strategy, necessitating talents such as writers, designers, web developers, social media strategists, videographers, SEO experts, and many others to make it happen.

More often than not, the outsourced CMO will need a marketing agency to work alongside them, often causing problems with communication and conflict of interests. What if there was a blend of these two: an outsourced CMO and an integrated marketing agency that understands digital strategy?

That is where Bold Entity comes in. We’re a Dallas-based integrated marketing agency that helps growing businesses like yours to achieve more profitable results.

Bold Entity, an Outsourced CMO Agency Solution for Mid-Market B2B Companies

For many of our clients, Bold Entity serves as their outsourced CMO agency. Our process starts by working with their business development and executive teams to discover potential opportunities for growth. We then assess that marketing research against industry-specific benchmarks, your existing data or specific information that our team has collected.

Our marketing strategy will do more than establish or reinforce your voice and brand. It will also identify the exact channels and resources your business needs to achieve your growth goals.

Beyond offering outsourced CMO services, Bold Entity also has all the functionality of a full-service marketing agency. Your organization will get the CMO expertise and strategic mindset you’re looking for, plus a team of experts ready to do the breakthrough integrated marketing work needed to make your company stand out.

A team of experts, made up of Bold Entity’s internal team and specialized contractors, are ready to work together seamlessly to meet your KPIs.

Bold Entity’s outsourced CMO solution can potentially create hundreds of thousands of dollars in payroll savings and leverage the skills of our nimble and driven marketing team.

Ready to Get Started?

You and your employees have worked hard to create a distinct organization with a unique identity, strengths, and goals. Your marketing approach deserves to be anything but “one size fits all.”

Bold Entity is ready to serve as your outsourced CMO, fully prepared to build a customized brand, strategy, and marketing plan that’s yours alone.

Ready to learn how we can answer your CMO, strategy, research and integrated marketing challenges? Contact us today.

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