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B2B Social Media Tips & Digital Marketing

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, utilizing B2B social media is crucial. Recognizing its role in driving successful campaigns is a game-changer for B2B small and middle-market companies. This article sheds light on effective strategies and B2B social media tips to elevate your brand’s online presence and engage better with a target audience.

As you’ll see, creating engaging social media posts and leveraging the expertise of a B2B digital marketing agency is powerful. The tips on this page help B2B firms like yours create relatable branded content that enhances media efforts and drives growth. But first, let’s go over why social media has become so critical for today’s B2B SMBs.

Why B2B Should Care About Social Media

Small and middle-market companies should include social media as an integral part of their digital marketing efforts. Social media offers several benefits and opportunities for your company’s growth, including:

Increased Brand Visibility: social media helps expand your reach and establish your business as an industry leader. You can achieve this by sharing valuable social media content, engaging directly with potential customers, and participating in industry discussions.

Lead Generation: social media campaigns can attract potential customers and generate quality leads. Targeted social media ads and compelling content drive traffic to websites, online forms, or landing pages that you can then nurture into sales opportunities.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: social media strengthens relationships by offering a direct channel to engage with leads and customers. Responding promptly and sharing valuable insights helps build trust and loyalty among a target audience.

Improved Hiring: Glassdoor’s annual review found that 79% of job seekers use social media research when deciding to apply for an open opportunity with a company and to get a read on its company culture before accepting an offer. In the B2B world, this can greatly impact your ability to win over high-quality prospects and grow your team’s excellence.  

Competitive Advantage: Analyzing rival firms on social media can give you a competitive edge in the B2B landscape. By monitoring their activities, you can gain an awareness of current market trends and customer preferences, helping you stay ahead in the industry.

The Cost of Neglecting Social Media Marketing

Your B2B business will lose out to rivals if it doesn’t use social media or use it effectively. Without an active presence, you can’t engage with potential customers, build brand recognition, refine marketing strategies, or address negative sentiment. Combined, these can result in lost leads, hindered growth, and potential damage to your brand reputation. But what if you lack the time, people, or resources to run ongoing social media campaigns?

Hiring a professional digital B2B marketing agency is an invaluable investment for B2B companies. With their expertise and resources, an agency can establish and seamlessly coordinate your organic and paid efforts, saving time and ensuring exceptional campaign management for outstanding results.

Safeguard Your B2B Against Social Media Threats

Safeguard Your B2B Social Media Against Threats - Bold Entity

Engaging in social media greatly benefits B2B businesses. That said, be aware of potential threats to avoid being dragged into a negative media spiral. Part of your campaign will require you to monitor and address negative feedback, disinformation about your products and services, and privacy risks. You should also implement security measures and regularly conduct security audits to protect your online campaigns and reputation. For example:

  • Periodically review access controls
  • Check for suspicious activities
  • Verify third-party integrations
  • Assess data privacy settings to ensure they are up to date
  • Analyze data protection practices
  • Keep security policies updated

There may be others depending on the campaign and social media platforms used. The point is to address security risks in your marketing campaigns by heeding potential threats. Moreover, protecting your online presence also helps safeguard your brand reputation.

Let’s now review seven tips for boosting B2B social media campaigns.

7 Best B2B Social Media Tips

Online networking platforms are essential in today’s digital marketing landscape. To effectively connect with your target audience, increasing brand awareness is vital. Our seven B2B social media tips look at ways to improve content and boost your marketing efforts. And to achieve this, it’s vital to use the right social platforms to leverage your campaigns.

#1 Align Goals with Your Business Aims

Quality content marketing helps cultivate potential customers. But B2B digital marketing campaigns must align with your business aims. That means defining the company’s goals and identifying how B2B social media marketing can help achieve them. It pays for marketers to concentrate on the top three principles for B2B content creation: establishing brand awareness, fostering trust and credibility, and educating your target audience. [1]

#2 Give Customers and Prospects Your Full Attention

Gather data to create an audience profile, client profiles, and buyer personas. This step is critical for producing successful B2B digital marketing drives. Customer profiles and buyer personas help you accurately understand your target audience. You then customize content and messaging to cater to your company’s various client/customer categories.

Also, use account-based marketing (ABM) to personalize outreach and engage decision-makers at target companies. ABM is a targeted marketing approach that focuses on your individual accounts for personalized engagement. It usually requires you to collaborate closely with your sales and marketing teams. 

Finally, take advantage of social listening tools like BuzzSumo, Sprout Social, and Buffer to monitor and engage with key prospects.

#3 Select the Right Social Media Channels

B2B-Social-Media-Tips-Select-The Right-Platforms

Choosing the right social media channels is critical when planning B2B digital marketing campaigns. You base these decisions on customer demographics, so remember to do thorough audience research. According to performance metrics, unsurprisingly, LinkedIn is the most effective platform for organic B2B and paid B2B marketing. [2] Create specialized channels for different demographics and products while considering the preferences of your target audience.

A high-profile presence and well-presented products or services have the potential to foster unpaid marketing alliances. For example, social media influencers often form promotional partnerships with brands that demonstrate authenticity and relevance and align with their audience’s interests and values.

#4 Humanize Your Brand

Faceless B2B brands don’t connect well with users. Humanize your B2B brand with the faces and accounts of your team members. Share photos and interesting facts about your company and events on your social channels. Another approach is to leverage employee advocacy by encouraging staff members to share their personal stories and experiences.

These personal touches create connections, making your brand more relatable and memorable. According to a Sprout Social study, 65% of consumers feel there are real people behind the name when the brand shows its human side online. [3]

#5 Explore Fresh Perspectives for Your Content

To enhance your B2B digital marketing campaigns, focus more on engaging content beyond technical details. Rather than promoting the company or its offerings, provide something useful that helps simplify the lives of your followers. Highlight thought leadership to influence potential B2B buyers and build relationships. Lastly, humanize your brand (see previous) by featuring employee stories and incorporating video content for even higher engagement.

Here are the most sought-after content marketing skills for B2B marketers:

Data source: SEMRUSH

In a 2022 content marketing study, 73% of B2B companies said they had a content marketing strategy. Yet, only 40% of those firms had a documented plan. [4]

Over half the 2022 content marketing survey respondents said it’s increasingly difficult to capture their audience’s attention. Only 29% of content marketers were extremely or very successful and put the top contributing factor down to the value of their content.

This chart highlights 12 contributing factors for successful content marketing. [5]

Data source: Content Marketing Institute

Bold Entity Unleashes the Power of Organic Content Development

At Bold Entity, we recognize the importance of organic content development and management for your B2B business. Our dedicated team uses a comprehensive approach, leveraging social media calendars, website blogs, infographics, and more. By strategically creating and curating content, we help you establish thought leadership, engage your target audience, and drive conversions.

Contact Bold Entity to Learn How We Can Drive Your B2B Success!

#6 Employ Analytics to Assess Progress or Stagnation

The most successful B2B digital marketing campaigns use analytics to measure content performance. Marketers typically track metrics like response time, impressions, engagement rate, conversions, and sales. Tracking customer satisfaction, qualitative reviews, Net Promoter Score (loyalty), and cost reductions help evaluate progress or stagnation.

Setting achievable goals makes it easier to identify areas for improvement and make critical adjustments in your B2B marketing endeavors.

#7 Improve Customer Support Services

Social media platforms offer B2B businesses a golden opportunity to improve customer support services. Social media provides a quick and responsive support channel with auto-notifications and various response options like comments, private messaging, and tagging. That’s a big deal. Positive social care experiences lead to a better brand endorsement.

On the other hand, neglecting public comments and unanswered questions drives potential customers away. So, adapt your B2B social media strategy to include customer support.

The Benefits of Paid Social Media Marketing

Social media advertising should not replace organic search but complement it. Paid campaigns allow for more precise targeting based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. Organic users are often actively searching for profiles to follow that are related to their specific needs, wants, and challenges, often through specific hashtags. Together, your B2B business can reach a wider audience using both organic and paid strategies.

This table highlights the advantages of each.

Benefits of Organic Content StrategyBenefits of Paid Social Media Marketing
Targets users actively searching for keywords
Builds trust, brand authority, and credibility
Offers potential long-term sustainability
Encourages engagement
Improves search engine rankings
Provides potential long-term ROIs
Cost-effective in the long term
Provides instant results, potential conversions
Enables precise targeting
Builds brand awareness
Reaches a larger target audience
Increases visibility
Boosts user engagement
Provides enhanced tracking and analytics
Drives more traffic to websites/landing pages

By tactically combining organic and paid plans, B2B businesses have a more comprehensive and effective overall marketing strategy.

Bold Entity’s Search Engine Marketing Solutions Work

Let Bold Entity’s digital marketing experts supercharge your B2B online presence. Our SEM offerings include organic content marketing, SEO, and search advertising through Google Ads. Our team of professionals knows how to drive targeted traffic and increase your brand visibility online.

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Summing Up B2B Digital Marketing

B2B social media is crucial for SMB success. It boosts your brand visibility and lead generation and encourages customer engagement. Neglecting social media campaigns, though, can result in lost leads and potentially damage reputations. 

Remember, to improve your B2B campaigns, you need to:

  • Align goals
  • Personalize content
  • Select the right media channels
  • Humanize the brand
  • Improve customer support

Using paid and organic strategies can help you create a comprehensive marketing plan to build brand awareness and drive sales. Lastly, make a strategic investment if you lack time and resources by entrusting your B2B social media efforts to a professional digital marketing agency.

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