There’s a lot of talk out there about what a great digital marketing strategy is composed of. With all the advice you hear, there’s one thing that every business needs to succeed online – a solid creative content strategy. Content is the connection between you and the audience you want to convert into customers. It’s your voice and is capable of delivering your entire brand message. 

Content is so important that many businesses overthink it. Strategy is key, but there’s only a few key points that are really important for driving home your creative content strategy. Here are 5 of the basics to get you started. 

Creative Content Doesn’t Need to Be All Business

If there’s one thing that holds true for consumers among all industries, it’s that they’re driven by emotion. There’s a time and a place for content that’s a bit dry and “all business”, but it should be limited in your creative content strategy. Your audience wants to feel something when they engage with your content – and if you can make them feel good, well that’s even better. 

Great creative content should make your audience smile, but not in a way that feels forced or unnatural. Keep a conversational tone to your content, and don’t be afraid to loosen your tie a little and let a bit of humor shine through.

Show Your Stuff

Where is it that you outshine the competition? What is your area of expertise where you can really provide exceptional value to people who engage with your brand? Your audience has access to an endless stream of the same old, repetitive content that’s being churned out at every turn. You can stand out with your creative content strategy by providing them with something different and highlighting your authority in the industry. 

Give It a Makeover 

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel for your creative content strategy, especially if you have an already well-established voice online. If your audience already identifies with your content, you can still level up the value and relevance by taking old topics and putting a fresh spin on them, or even adding some updated images to content you’ve published previously. 

Capture Attention From the Start

It doesn’t matter how great your content is if people aren’t clicking on it, and it’s your headlines that first capture someone’s attention. Put as much thought into your headlines as you do the rest of your content strategy. Just stay far away from clickbait headlines that fail to deliver on their promises. 

Follow Through 

The whole point of a creative content strategy is to get noticed and get people engaged with your business. Once you capture them with high-level content, the next step is to reach out and engage them in a conversation with your brand. 

Responsiveness is an important part of an effective content strategy. When your audience takes the time to respond to your content, make sure you return the favor. A quick comment on social media is fine, but don’t overlook the value of starting a chat or extending a hand shake to them via email if they’ve reached out to you. 

Build a Stronger Brand Through Creative Content Marketing 

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