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How to Replace Your Holiday Party with Digital Marketing

2020 has been a challenging year. Even as the year winds down, companies are continuing to practice social distancing or have gone some degree of virtual and remote. With the holidays fast approaching, the reality of the annual holiday party seems less likely. Leaving you wondering how can your company help spread the seasonal cheer in lieu of the standard holiday party?

Digital Marketing for the Holidays

Digital marketing can help your company show clients, employees, and partners a bit of holiday mirth when your holiday party is a no go. Below we’ve put together some ideas for how your company can keep the holiday spirit strong while maintaining safe, social distancing and including virtual teams. 

Holiday Videos

Consider marking a holiday, video newsletter. Bold Entity client, AIM, is a family-run company and develops close, personal relationships with its clients across the U.S. Wanting their clients to feel connected to them and receive their holiday cheer, we helped AIM create a holiday video to be distributed to their clients and partners as a holiday newsletter. The video featured the AIM staff decorating the office, trimming the Christmas tree, and wishing their clients and partners happy holidays. The holiday video newsletter was well received and people loved getting happy holiday wishes from AIM.

One way your company can use videos is to show appreciation for the valuable contributions of your employees and leadership throughout the year. In the same way, you can make a simple and endearing video to thank your clients for their business. Consider expanding the scope of your video to include your team so they can add their sincere gratitude and heartfelt thoughts. For Bold Entity client Phillips May, the employees created an appreciation video for the leadership staff. The video allowed the employees to express their thanks to the leadership team and share what they appreciated about Phillips May’s leadership. The finished deliverable was implemented in an electronic greeting card for the leadership team.

While heartfelt thanks is the traditional route, other companies prefer to create a parody holiday video. Another Bold Entity client, NTD Mechanical, works with us every year to help them script and produce their annual, holiday parody video. This strategy has allowed NTD Mechanical to stand out as their vendors, clients, and partners are eager for each year’s holiday video. They have earned popularity in their industry for their sense of humor and creativity.

Email & Web

If you’re the sort of person who isn’t comfortable in front of the camera, your company can opt for a simpler execution of the same concept with an email newsletter and custom website landing page for the 2020 holidays. You get similar benefits without the camera pressure. Better yet, if your email newsletter is well-received you can look at trying it semiannually to build engagement. 


Looking for a different way to send some holiday cheer internally and externally? Bold Entity can help you arrange a COVID-safe, professional photoshoot to take headshots of your clients, employees, and partners. This can be a great way to update your website for 2021 and provide people with a great photograph they can use for their LinkedIn and trade membership profiles. The photos can be further used to design a custom holiday card that can be printed and mailed or sent out as an e-card. 

Tactile Marketing

Even in the 21st century there’s no replacement for the tactile power of tangible gifts. As digital platforms envelop more of our lives, the power and thoughtfulness of tangible objects grows.

Year-End Letter

Nothing is as thoughtful and powerful in present-day communication than a handwritten and addressed letter. We get enough emails every day to explode a mailbox, but can you remember the last time you received a handwritten, stamped, and addressed letter? Developing the perfect letter (with a little help from Bold Entity) to convey your sentiments to clients, employees, or partners is a potent piece of communication that will stay with them.

Holiday Cards

The next best thing to a company holiday party. Creating and sending holiday cards is simple and can easily reflect you and your business’s personality. You can create and send funny or thoughtful cards and personalize them to the recipient as much as you like.


For some people, it’s the reason for the season. People love giving and receiving gifts. It’s a time-honored tradition in business as well. To really stand out with your clients, employees, and partners, look for unique and crafted gift ideas. They will know you put more thought into the action than the usual lineup of business gifts.

You don’t necessarily need to give a permanent gift either. You could simply offer to buy your team lunch and have it delivered, even if they’re 100% remote. Another option would be to hire a personal home chef for a client to have a date-night at home. In this case, trying to be thoughtful and unique is more important than the gift itself.

Holiday Marketing with Bold Entity

With 2020 being a difficult year for everyone, we understand you could use a little help finishing strong. Whether you need help coming up with the perfect holiday gift for your clients, or a marketing plan to charge into 2021 like a lion, Bold Entity is here to help.

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