There’s been a lot of talk in business circles recently about the power of storytelling.

While data and analysis can give you insight into your audience, the stories you tell through your services and products create a connection that will bond you and your audience together. It’s the one universal feature that is shared by every culture that has ever existed.

I know what you might be thinking. You think your industry is boring with no stories to tell. I’m here to tell, it simply isn’t true. There’s always a story behind everything. Vanilla ice cream is boring. Saltine crackers are boring. Elmer’s glue is boring. But there’s a story behind them that strikes a chord with their audiences and makes a connection. That’s what a good story does.

At Bold Entity, we don’t invent stories. We unveil them.

Every business has a story to tell and through our proprietary process for branding, we’ve been able to unveil incredible stories in every industry, even in those that have government compliance concerns to consider, like the financial and construction industries. Recently, we’ve turned our focus to these two industries knowing they have stories just waiting to be told.

One such financial client is Mary Lyons, aka the Wealth Woman. When we first met with her, she raved about how she helped one of her clients achieve their dream of building schools in South America. When we heard the passion and excitement she had in her voice, we realized her story wasn’t about helping people save money. It was about helping them achieve worthwhile goals. So we designed her website to resemble a high-end fashion magazine, which helps you visualize the things you wish you had.

Construction companies also have hidden stories, like their commitment to employees, their craft and their community. For NTD Mechanical, we followed their crews and their management team, watching them focus on their work, meet difficult deadlines, manage multiple projects and build the places where we work, live and play. Through inspiring photos, content, social media and video, we were able to share many extraordinary stories about their dynamic company and the positive impact they have on the community.

If you don’t think your business or industry has a story to tell, consider your challenge accepted. Contact us and let’s unveil your story.