The Importance of Branding

Do you know the difference between branding and marketing? It’s emotion.

Branding is the feeling you experience when you use a product or a service. Marketing is the message a company wants you to know.

Think of a business as kale. It’s one of the most nutrient-rich foods on earth but no matter how much you tell people about how healthy it is, most people don’t eat it. Why? Because it tastes terrible. In other words, no matter how helpful and informative your marketing message is, people simply won’t care unless it makes them feel something.

But branding and marketing aren’t mutually exclusive. They exist together in a symbiotic relationship. Branding won’t work without the messages that marketing delivers. And marketing won’t work unless it has a brand to support. They complement each other, making each more compelling and effective.

Even though branding and marketing coexist, as brand marketing specialists, we know you have to establish one before the other. And you always start with branding because it’s about much more than a good marketing campaign. It’s about your company culture and your place in society.

If you market yourself as a casual, fun-loving company but require all of your employees to wear business suits, it’s only a matter of time before your audience notices the conflicting messages and your brand fails. The same is true of the experience you provide. If the processes that govern your customer experience doesn’t allow the customer to experience the emotion or lifestyle you’re presenting, they’ll feel cheated.

A great brand delivers on that emotional promise from their marketing message to the company culture to the customer experience.

The Bold Entity Brand

At Bold Entity, we believe in empowerment and inspiration. We pride ourselves in guaranteeing that each one of our exceptional clients has the right tools, the right partners and the most competent team on their side to discover their story, craft it into a strong brand and market it effectively.

We’ve made it our personal mission to ensure you never have to worry about marketing again. We want you to feel empowered so you can focus on what you do best, providing a valuable service or product to your clients that will enrich their lives. And we want to motivate you so you feel inspired to achieve great success.

To accomplish these goals for our clients and deliver our projects as promised, we’re redesigning our own process. We’re working together to empower and inspire ourselves to accomplish and achieve more. That change in our process is also affecting our office culture. We’re pushing each other to learn more, to be more creative and to have fun.